Hey, can you vote for me in this singing contest?

Feeling the Street is a worldwide competition started by some folks from New Zealand. It's all about musicians performing on the streets.

The winner gets to go to New Zealand to perform.

They went around the world filming street musicians. They filmed me on Main Street singing "Swept Away", my original song.


Please follow the link above to hear me sing and vote for me Click on the virtual coin, change the number to 10 (I think that's the highest it will go) and then click 'OK'. You have to sign in to Facebook to vote. It should say "I voted for Katherine King".

It's like you're tossing coins into my hat as a street performer!

Katherine King


Sweet, sultry vocals explore the lyrical spectrum of friendship, new romance, jealousy, and lost love with breezy, playful rhythms and tight harmonies in "Swept Away", Katherine King's songwriting debut.

Katherine's vocal origins in contemporary gospel lend her a gentle harmonic ear, while touches of blues, jazz, and country in her songwriting pay homage to her diverse musical journey. A love for vintage tunes finds her also performing jazz standards and other classics from the 20's, 30's and 40's.

Katherine resides in Santa Monica, CA.

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